Ode to The Royale Wedding

The day started grand,
was chill but sunny,
One hunk of a Prince
and his sweet hunny.

Christopher Walken
narrated the service
(ok not really, but it
would have been worth it!)

They rode in a carriage,
such a pretty sight.
The crowds were bursting
with red blue and white.

Westminster abbey
was bright with flowers,
even the archbishop
couldn’t remain dour.

The procession begins,
no one trips on the rugs,
there’s nothing but smiles
on the royale mugs.

The bride is gorgeous,
makes all the boys stare.
The groom is hawt,
they make quite the pair.

As they say “i will”
the whole world cheers,
but one guy keeps saying
“really? no beers?”

Now Willy’s a Duke
and Katie’s a Duchess,
they take off with a flourish
to Buckingham palace.

There’s a gathering planned,
the olde families invited,
but there’s more than tea
that’s being provided.

As the oldies head home
the younger clans party.
Harry and Pippa’s nightclub
is about to get started.

Elton John is there
gettin down with his man.
Harry’s girl Chelsy
rocks out to the band.

The Queen shakes her head,
she can hear all the ruckus
from waaaaaay off away
in her wing of the palace.

They dance until sun-up,
Kate’s poor dress is frayed,
Elton’s passed out
in the marmalade.

There’s a lace garter
on the main chandelier,
nobody’s admitting
to putting it there.

Harry tied soda cans
to Willy’s best stallion,
and Pippa left sex toys
in Katie’s new carry-on.

Now the sweet couple
is wedded and all that,
and the world is waiting
for a wee royale rugrat.