Getting Sorted To Publish My Second Novel!

Good news! I’ve finally started the process of getting my second novel ready for publishing on lulu! I’m working on finding some cover art, and getting ready to make the final editing run before submitting it to the publisher. I’m sure the characters are looking forward to their birth into the industry, lol…

This one is totally different than my first book, and on a completely different fantasy setting.Into the Dark introduces Ventrovius, an unaging necromancer, the perfect angsty anti-hero. Along with Ven, the reader meets Jezera (an exiled cleric of the White God, and Ven’s love interest), Jordan (the heir apparent to a tiny country of little importance to the rest of the world until now), and Keeva (the prince’s bodyguard and dearest friend). It follows their adventures trying to rescue the entire world from a strange, dark magic that is creeping over the land.

I’m hoping to put out a few more books in the future featuring periods in Ven’s life, some of which include the other characters introduced here. As an unaging necromancer, there’s a LOT of story to be told after all.