New Blog, New Promises

So, after many long, looooooong hours of copy-pasting my posts from markdown files into a CMS, I’ve finally got this new and improved version of my journal ready to rock. Now I have a shiny new admin panel that will let me post things easier, and hopefully remove my excuse of not wanting to juggle files in order to write to the internet.

I intend to write a lot more often now.

I do admit (and you’ll notice this if you go back into the posts far enough) that I got lazy when copy-pasting, and didn’t always change the timestamps. Anything before today is not necessarily stamped correctly. It doesn’t matter. It’s all there. All the insane ramblings that anyone reading my journal has come to expect.

If you don’t like insane rambling, stay away from the “Random” category. I’ll try to keep the fluff confined to that part.

No promises.

Anyway, welcome to the new journal, hope you like it. There are no comment sections on purpose because i hate internet comment sections. Feel free to email me if you want to respond to anything. Or reply to me on twitter.