SEED: Story of an Avatar

Everyday I find myself sitting on this glowing pad, facing out into the unknown.

Yeah, right… Unknown.

I know what’s out there. Everyday I take the same journey, fight the same monsters, overcome the same obstacles. It’s about as unknown as your route to school or work. But everyday I find myself sitting on this same start point, facing a “new” adventure.

At first, when I was still shiny and fresh out of beta, I looked forward to the dialogue choices. What would I do today? Would I smart off to the baker? Would I say “hell no!” and kill the informant? But I’ve seen the reactions of them all. My menu options are about as interesting to me now as deciding what clothes to wear in the morning.

Oh here we go, joystick forward. It looks like I’m going to the merchant first… nope, picket fence is first. Yep. Trying to run through the picket fence.

Helloooo! Player! Key A or D, pick one already before I get a splinter in my belly.