GDC-2011 Missing Out

This year I knew I’d not be able to attend the GDC well ahead of time. But I still held out hope until a few weeks before it actually was due to start. And we’re halfway through the ordeal now. I am tempted to turn off my twitter and pout by the truckload.

There is so much that can be gained by attending the GDC, and I was so ready to do that. Do you realize the tickets to get into the conference for the week are about the same price if not more than the plane tickets to and from? My hard-working farmer husband was appalled at the cost. I think that means that I can forget about GDC Online in October as well…

A few things I have learned while peeking at twitter these last few days, however:

Ok that last one I just couldn’t resist throwing in there. Anyways, hash about it with #GDC11!