Progress Report: Need Mesh, Will Ad-lib

Alright… Content…

Gathering thoughts… Rebuilding paths and lighting… Saving changes…

My team – Team ICE – is making not just a level, we’re making a game. It might’ve initially been intended as a level, but we flew with it and now it’s a mini game. We did our mock, our alpha testing, and now we’re polishing. I spent a good amount of time last night googling static meshes for UDK without success. Who knew that finding FOOD meshes would be so difficult?

I just want to say that my whole team is brilliant. They are also much better at modeling than I am, although I am being rather stubborn about Maya because I barely have time to finish learning UDK much less start learning Maya. If I could model in AutoCAD… maybe we’d be set.

So I’m building a maze in my part of the game. I need foodz for it. I reeeeeeeealy wish we’d had more time dedicated to 3d modeling. With four days left until we turn the project in, I don’t have time to learn to make static meshes. I do, however, have time to increase my knowledge of Kismet. What is a maze without obstacles? And stationary obstacles are so boring. With a plain sphere I can make little cherries, oranges, heads of lettuce… Things can chase you along the maze, or make you dodge them… Indiana Jones, eat your heart out. (Wow, that was totally unintentionally punny)

All I need are materials. And THAT I can build.

Expect more soon as I experiment!