In one instant,
one single moment of perfect time,
two souls resound in such harmony
it makes the world quiver.

So many no longer feel that moment,
no longer experience the swelling heart
so wonderful it pains us to experience it.
But our hearts remember it.
The feeling of loneliness we get as adults
is our soul remembering
how it felt to truly embrace another.
Cherish those who bring that feeling back.
Cherish those you love so hard it hurts.
Let your soul take flight,
and surrender to the joy.

If you are lost, my soul will find you.
If you are hurt, my soul will heal you.
If you grieve, my soul will comfort you.
If you are weary, my soul will carry you.
If you fear, my soul will protect you.
If you are joyful, my soul will dance with you.
If you love, my soul will know you.