In The Margins

As a writer, I obviously do a fair amount of the putting of thought to paper. With the glorious invention of computers, I no longer need to worry about things such as writer’s cramp, ink spills, no erasers, coffee stained paper… Instead I get to wonder if I’ve added all the required brackets and scripts to make this visible to all of you. Despite the effect that’s having on my vision and posture, it’s happening pretty close to the way it’s supposed to if you’re reading this page. (Mainly due to my web designer’s hard work and boundless patience.) I hope you enjoy what you find here, and feel free to contact me and talk about anything you find that sparks your interest. I love hearing from people… Also, don’t take anything I say too seriously. It’s the prerogative of an author to blather out opinions left and right, but that’s all they really are is opinions. Sometimes a bit dirty-minded or violent, but they’re opinions still. So happy reading.