(Note: I don’t own minecraft. I don’t own Notch. I felt a bit of empathy and wanted to express it.)

Today I created something brilliant.
Showed a few of my friends and they agreed.
I published it
thinking people might enjoy it.

It grew a community.
It inspired gamers to play.
Mods sprouted everywhere
and youtube channels streamed.
Forums grew
servers were built
platforms were added
fees were charged
cheats were made
hacks were stopped
[Herobrine deleted]
fanbase exploded
merchandise sold
cos-play worn
playsets built
lore rumbled on.

I didn’t know the thing I had created anymore.
I couldn’t speak without being attacked.
I couldn’t make any “right” decisions.
I wasn’t me anymore and I hated it.

I created something brilliant.
Showed the world and they agreed.
I published it…
I didn’t publish me…

Take it then

I created something brilliant today.
Showed a few of my friends and they agreed.
I didn’t publish it.

Soul Dark

behind the smiling face
the bright eyes
kind eyes

past the quiet words
and soft lies

there’s a soul dark
drowning in the mind’s fire
struggling to breathe
giving up on everything
waiting just to leave

eyelids flutter across the window
nothing to be seen
ring of green around the pool
the only thing you see
hides the shadow inside me

reaching for the hope tomorrow
brings for those who dream
can’t bring it back for me
looking down at fingers
bleeding but still empty

there’s a soul dark
burning in the mind’s fire
struggling to breathe
beaten down by everything
wanting just release

getting up again to keep on
carrying the faint light
believe it could be me
trip on nothing i can see
falling to my knees

not every star that flickers
manages to shine bright
darkness swallows me
burying my dreams
isn’t meant to be

there’s a soul dark
burning in the mind’s fire
struggling to breathe
foolish giving everything
wanting to be free

under the trembling lips
the shining eyes
wet eyes

past the broken words
and soft cries


The room is empty
but for me
still it’s heavy
weighed down
What isn’t there
than what is.

Timeless Night

Timeless night, what chill breath does steal the life of sunsoaked dreams?
Return my faith in tomorrow, and give my eyes the clarity of reason.
Let not the shadows drag at my thoughts or tighten around my heart,
denying me the hope that braces my soul against the darkness.
Throw down the blanket that does smother my trembling soul,
cast off the frozen lights of heaven and their mockery of my own tears.
Stand aside that dawn may swallow me in its red embrace
and burn away the nightmare that will soon enough grip me once more.

When I’m Gone

when i’m gone raise a glass
don’t sit on yer ass
with a somber expression
or tears on your face
raise it high in the air
shout a goodbye i’ll hear
i may not have won
but i finished the race

Edge of Darkness

The gilded edge of darkness…
What substance does the poet’s heart pump through
that produces such beauty flowing out
and brings back such pain in return?
What secret hovers on the edge of knowing
that a poet’s heart can see in visions,
that haunts him in his soul
where there is no armored defense,
but he can only share through rhyme and verse?
Blessed is the poet
that his pain can leak out through his pen.

I Thought Hell Was Fire

I thought hell was fire,
burning torment,
screaming pain.

But I’m lying on my back
and snow is falling gently,
cold is creeping quietly in.

The haze above me isn’t smoke
from the fires demons tend,
but uncaring winter fog.

There are no devils lashing me,
taunting me with my sins.
I am alone with myself.

Katana and David – The Lullaby

Every day I work away
but every night I dream

Of a princess in gowns of gold and pearls
and a prince or five a’ courting.
Of a duel or three at the end of the day
and a knight in shining armor.

Every day I work away
but every night I dream

Of a cowboy rustic in old leather jeans
and a scent of the sagebrush and saddle.
Of a chuck wagon meal over a well tended fire
and adventure on the wild frontier.

Every day I work away
but every night I dream

Of the wind and the waves and a good ship that’s manned
with a crew that can sail any weather.
So it’s aft hard to starboard and sail for safe harbors
and we’ll be there before the morning.

Every day I work away
but every night I dream

Of exploring in space with the stars all around me
and the night as my blanket and pillow.
Oh the things I’d discover and the worlds uncover
and the speed of light would seem slow.

Every day I work away
but every night I dream


Walking through a haze of desolation
and depravity as all that’s true and good
around me crumbles into choking dust.
I’m on my knees

The sky is black but isn’t dark enough
for dark is what within me waits to gush
upon a life so torn I cannot even breathe.
I’m on my knees

I am done there’s nothing left to do but
come and take the soul I’ve mutilated
ripped and festering within a tainted shell.
I’m on my knees

The altar bleeds and fallen angels scream
a coda rising seething from beneath
that damns each whisper dropping from my lips.
I’m on my knees


Cold Fate, stay this night, let not the darkness press.
Keep the thread of fear from tightening my breast.
Hold at bay the lost ones before they draw me in
to drown beneath the waters of wickedness and sin.
Hide me from the eyes that search for broken souls,
glowing red like embers from the fires down below.
Shield me from the torrent of sorrow and of dread
that rises now above me in a sea of bloody red.
Give to me a passion that can hold me in the dark.
I have no strength to fight again the breaking of my heart.